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Finding University of Maryland 4-Year Plans for Academic Majors:
General Education Requirements and CORE

The goal of the Student Academic Success-Degree Completion Policy is to promote undergraduate student success. The policy establishes a structured framework and criteria to guide all students to completion of an undergraduate degree within a reasonable period of time.

Are You CORE or General Education?
Determining which 4-year plan you should follow starts first with deciding whether you fall under the CORE requirements or the new General Education program requirements. Making this determination is critical to making the correct choice of which 4-year plan to follow.

Briefly, students admitted to the University and enrolling in classes following the award of the high school diplomat beginning in Fall 2012 are subject to the University's new General Education program requirements. This includes freshmen and students transferring from private institutions and from non-Maryland public institutions. Exceptions to this rule exist, particularly for transfer students and for students returning to the University of Maryland. To be certain of your status you should review the CORE or General Education criteria on the General Education web site.

Which 4-Year Plan to Follow?
If you have determined that your are to follow the General Education program requirements, then go the General Education 4-Year Plans.

If you determine that you are to follow the CORE requirements, then follow the CORE 4-Year Plans.

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